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Depicting Emotions in Central and Eastern Europe (1350-1900)

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Happiness, anger, piety – the nine texts within this volume feature various case studies from less explored geographical areas and propose an analysis of strategies to edify emotions in the visual discourse from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries. It focuses in particular on the contributions provided by Central and Eastern European countries, often overlooked in the bibliography.

The volume pleads for a comparative and transdisciplinary approach within the field of emotions and for a broadening of research to less studied disciplinary areas and cultural spaces.


Texts by Ivan Aleksandrovich Abramkin, Lisa Hecht, Johanna Johnen, Tomáš Malý, Silvia Marin Barutcieff, Anita Paolicchi, Maria Anna Rogucka, Malena Rotter, Pavel Suchánek, Joana Vitkutė.


Introduction – Silvia Marin Barutcieff